The Very Basics - Starting a Thread and Attaching a File

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The Very Basics - Starting a Thread and Attaching a File Empty The Very Basics - Starting a Thread and Attaching a File

Post by Admin on Wed Apr 17, 2013 2:35 am

Here's a very quick primer on the two actions you'll most likely be using. If there are additional features you would like to see explained, reply to this topic or message the Admin account (use the private message or email icon to the right of this post.)

Starting a New Topic
Select the appropriate Forum Category for your posting. Currently our categories are: Guidelines and Introductions, Writing, Sharing, Publishing, Celebrations.

Once inside the Forum Category, you may find sub-forums. This will be most noticeable in the Sharing category where each critique group will have a forum. Again, select the appropriate place for your post.
A word of caution: It's good practice to ALWAYS draft your writing and save on your drive before pasting your submissions or attaching a file to this site. Also, get in the habit of backing up your files regularly or email them to yourself. Anyone who has ever lost a key piece of writing will understand the necessity of safe-guarding your writing.

Click the NEWTOPIC button to start your thread.

Use a descriptive title."Need help with determining appropriate age for protagonist" is much more likely to get helpful responses than "HELP PLZ!!!"

These forums can be viewed on mobile devices; be kind to your fellow authors and break content in to paragraphs.

Be sure to proofread and preview!

Adding an Attachment

Below the body of your thread, you will find a section for attaching files. Use the Choose File button to locate the file on your computer and Submit to attach it to the thread.

Document attachments are allowed under these formats: .txt - .doc - .docm - .docx - .pps - .ppt - .pptm - .pptx - .xls - .xlsb - .xlsm - .xlsx - .pdf

Current limitations are 300 Kb per attachment. Since we should be working with small sections of writing at a time, this should not prove to be an issue. Contact the Admin if additional space is needed.


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