What is a Critique Group and Why Do I Need One?

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What is a Critique Group and Why Do I Need One? Empty What is a Critique Group and Why Do I Need One?

Post by Admin on Wed Apr 17, 2013 2:05 am

A critique group is a collection of authors who share their work with each other and provide feedback. Groups can be formed based on genre, physical location, random selection, or any criteria that will allow sharing of material and provide a venue for improvement and encouragement. Ideally, a group contains 5 to 7 authors. Too many in the group makes it difficult to read all of the submitted material, and too few may result in a lack of good feedback or the end of the group due to attrition.

Critique groups can help develop your writing, your story and your characters. They can help you brainstorm to get through a difficult section, inspire and encourage you when you want to give up, and share your successes. Here are a few tips on effective use of a group:

  • Be consistent and fair – you may enjoy one story more than another, but make every effort to read the submissions of all authors in the group and provide constructive feedback.

  • You may join as few groups as one or as many as you have time for. If you decide to leave a group, we ask that you please leave a message on the forum so the other members know you will no longer be providing feedback and submissions.

  • Be courteous and honest with your feedback. Keep in mind that writing is as personal to others as it is to you – provide the kind of constructive, helpful suggestions that you would like to receive about your own work.

  • Don’t take anything personally. The advice and suggestions you receive are just that – suggestions! The opinions of the others in the group are meant to help develop and improve your writing, but there is no requirement to make any changes if you don’t agree with the feedback you’ve received.

A word about confidentiality: You may use the advice and inspiration of others to help in your own writing, but respect the ideas and stories of the others in your group as their own. You have your own creative writing ideas or you wouldn’t be here.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please send us a comment. This is a work in progress and we’d love to hear from you!


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